Star attraction of the island

Koh Chang is ideal for trekking

Koh Chang is ideal for trekking


If you enjoy vigorous sports then hiking might be a good idea. Terrain of Koh Chong consists of 429 square kilometres of mountains with steep hill and complex cliffs that is ideal for hiking.  ‘Khao Sla Phet’ is the highest peak of the mountain range that stands at 744 metres. There are regular tours organised to take groups on hiking with an expert guide.  This might be a excellent way to see the wild life that adds value to the entire experience.


In addition to this you can get involved in ‘Tree-top’ climbing known as “rope & harness” to enjoy the extraordinary view of the luscious rainforest.



The natural evergreen rainforest that spreads across over 70% of the island stands pure, dense, untouched and looks like a massive green carpet spread across the land.  It is ideal for trekking.  If you like to kick start that an adventurous journey of your trip, you can approach the guided trekking tours available at the various spots in the area. This is a fun way to explore the hidden beauty of the island on foot.   You can bring in your own gears or you can rent or buy them from the shops available with professional help and advice. 


National Marine Park

If you have more time to enjoy the nature’s you can visit the ‘Mu Ko Chang’ Marine National Park that has less than ten years of history is already named as the most popular tourist attraction of the area. The park is in an area of 650 square kilometres that covers more than 52 islands, most notable being the Koh Chang. Being away from the river waters of the mainland, the waters of this sea park is crystal clear enabling snorkelers and divers to have a clean clear view of the marine lives that are under water.  

published: 05.02.2013