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koh chang ferry

koh chang ferry

Have you been looking for your next holiday destination?  Do you love the waters? Well then look no further than Koh Chang! An Island off eastern coast of Bangkok in ‘Trat’ province shows off the beautiful beaches, spectacular waterfalls and majestic tall mountain range with secluded rainforest hidden around it.


Koh Chang has not been discovered by travellers for a long time.  Since 2000 the island that boasts of long white sandy beach that winds around the entire island put itself on the map of tourism ushering travellers and holiday makers to come visit and enjoy this beautiful island.  The island is also widely popular for its wildlife.  Though it is not a sanctuary for any particular type of species you will find wide range of birds, snakes, deer and Thailand’s national animal the Asian elephants.  They all dwell side by side with the villagers who live in small villages that pocket through the entire area.


The best season to travel is during the months of November to February which is considered to be the coolest months of the calendar.   You are advised to avoid the hot season which prevails from March to May and followed by rainy season which sees about 4000mm of rain on average. During this season most resorts are closed.  Hence you may find it hard to have accommodation available upon arrival.  If you are travelling during June and October it is better to make the reservation in advance.


The island can be reach by air from the national airport to Trat and then to Koh Chang via road. Else you can opt for the most popular mode of transport which is the ferry service  which takes you from Laem Ngop ferry port to Koh Chang ferry pier is located in Thammachat Bay

published: 07.02.2013