Travel Guide of Koh Chang



Koh Chang is an all-time favorite island of Thailand. Koh Chang is known as the second biggest Island in Thailand, and largest in Eastern Thailand. They have around 5,000 permanent residents the island is not much populated, but the development and tourism has increased radically in the recent years.


There are trips that bring people out to the sea for a complete or half day squiding or fishing tour. Complete day begins in the morning which is cost almost 1200baht/person and half day begins with from 7pm to 11pm for almost 650baht/person. There are several shops that are providing different types of squiding or fishing experience ranging from small boats to big or fishing boat named KonTiki.


In the time of day, a person may have a chance of catching a songthaew on its route to the main road for 50 or 100 baht per person, which usually depends on how far he is going. The rates usually higher than any other places, but the vehicles are nearly fresh and in better situation. Beginning from 5pm, most of them start to ask for the fares of “taxi”, telling you that they are only managing the public transport only until that time, and possibly the quoted prices as high as say 500 baht from Lonely Beach to the Dan Kao pier. Conversely, if anyone has patience and some time, he may attempt and have a “shared” ride with few drivers, possibly for a better rate if they looking for little or no more passengers.


Menus are same as the remaining part of Thailand, but an island-surcharge is high not more because of better cost of transportation but as of development of tourist. There are several restaurants on provided beaches open both day and evening time with a strong thought of facilities of tourist-minded in Beach of White Sand.

published: 13.02.2013