Why Do People Come to Visit Koh Chang?

Boats on Koh Chang

Boats on Koh Chang

This will be first question do people often think when they thinking to tour Koh Chang, why come here? Koh Chang is not well advertised by the residents, nor that place is well developed and not on the maps of tourists. The people visit there just for the attractions as, they love to come there.


Being off from the well traveled way of Pattaya, Koh Samet, Koh Samui etc... Actually has been a blessing for the people of Koh Chang. No Go-Go bars, hookers and hustlers, no wall to wall hawkers. For hawkers the best people of Koh Chang can do is few part time beach salesmen who are the farmers of coconut and fisherman almost every time.


You can use KonTiki for visiting the whole Island. You can’t use jet skis, banana boats they have been outlawed, no 1,000 individuals + discos, no parties of full Moon that leave behind the island a wasteland almost after every 28 days or so. People do have some short ones, occasionally, in Lonely Beach. But, most people have ignored some troubles of the recent 20 years while every place as they are off the beaten way here.


There is the only cause for that and if they wish they can read up on the private history of Koh Chang and see why they have been unexploited for extremely long.



published: 16.02.2013