Choosing Koh Chang Island for Honeymoon

honeymonn experience (photo by: Vla Sinayuk)

After marriage every couple want to enjoy their honeymoon at exiting place and most of the time people prefer Island, costal area including sea beach, exotic place and the like. For enjoying honeymoon lots of places are popular in the world. Thailand is one of the beautiful and well-liked countries to enjoy holiday as well as honeymoon. And every year nearly millions of people come here to spend vacation and honeymoon. Most of those come to get pleasure after getting marriage and before starting the new life. Koh chang Island is one of the popular and second largest Island of Thailand.


Koh chang is located at a beautiful place from where anyone can get pleasure by seeing sea and nature. From the any point of this Island you will able to see the clean and crystal water because it is surrounded by sea beach. White sandy beach also adds more beauty of the Island. There is no risky stone or stone like substance on the beach so it is very simple to make arranging various types of activities like beach volleyball, beach football, driving etc.


Moreover there are lots of resorts for accommodation at the near of sea-beach. These resorts are like small cities because there is no tension about food or other goods that are required during travelling. If you stay at a resort on koh chang, you can get the beach by walking a few minutes. There is an opportunity to drive motorcycle on a beach and it is very simple to hire a motorbike for it. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the sea water, kon tiki is here. It is the boat name on which you can enjoy the total beauty of sea. All types of exclusive services can be obtained on this boat easily.

published: 14.03.2013