What Do Make Koh Chang Popular?

Sea kayak can be real fun (photo by: Junnn)

Sea kayak can be real fun (photo by: Junnn)

Lern thai cousine dish (photo by: LookatLao

Lern thai cousine dish (photo by: LookatLao)

Sea kayak can be real fun. On a given day you will not be surprise to find how many kayaks are out on sail across the sea.  It is a way to relax and enjoy the ambience and the sea at once in your own phase without any worry in the world.  It is easy to rent a kayak long the cost.  The professional kayakers are there to help you with your kayak, attire, routes maps and provide lessons if necessary.  This is one of the greatest ways to explore the small islands on your own. Kayak expeditions are run on daily basis off the west coast of the island and multi day trips are off southern coast of Koh Chang island.


After a long day at the sea, you would love to settle in for less tensed but more rewarding recreation that is Thai cooking.  Thai cuisines are known for their aromatic, spicy coconut enriched tastes.  Be is sweet or savoury they sure will let your palette melt.  There are three cooking schools that teach to cook Thai cuisines.  You can register at one and learn the little secret behind the mouth watering dishes. The resort you made plan to stay will have the required details for registry.  It will fun to join in as family for more fun and laughter.


In addition to these you can spend half-a-day tour at the war memorial in the south for the island. This can be included as part of the trekking tour or you can drive / ride up to it. It is a tell tale of the Koh Chang’s history as memorials it is set up to commemorate a sea battle with France in 1941. The Thais were able to drive off the French but 36 Thai sailors died in the process; the monument is to remember their sacrifice.

published: 26.03.2013