Hire a Motorbike on Koh Chang

Besides, wearing a helmet means your safety.

Besides, wearing a helmet means your safety.

Visiting koh chang during leisure time is a dream to all people. To fulfill this dream every year several thousands of tourists are seen to come at Thailand as well as koh chang Island. Koh chang is second and most beautiful Island of Thailand. For its white sandy sea beach, crystal water, various exotic trees, waterfalls, elephant zone, and others koh chang is admired to all ages of people around the world. After arriving here lots of people want to walk on foot on the sandy beach and some prefer to ride on a motorbike. Availability of motorbike for hiring makes this demand more enjoyable. There are lots of motorbikes on koh chang and you can take into service one for going along on sandy beach. Before hiring a motorbike you should check some things for your security. Otherwise you will face several problems during traveling. For helping you here are some suggestion are going to be discussed.


At first you should check the licenses of motorcycle and driver as well. If there is no license, you may be caught by police so you can avoid it. If licenses are OK, you will give a look to helmet. Without helmet if you go out on motorbike, you may be also punished by police also. Besides, wearing a helmet means your safety.


After that you should fix the rate per hour or for whole day. Without fixing the rate if you ride on a bike, they may create a problem. Then the rate per hour will be an issue for taking excess amount of money from you. So fix the rate and eliminate this type of problem. 


If all things are OK, your journey by a motorbike will be more enjoyable and you will be able to enjoy natural scenery around the sea beach.

published: 05.04.2013