Fun on land – Koh Chang style

Dont miss the elephant trekking experience

Dont miss the elephant trekking experience

What better way explore the island other than elephant trekking! Yes, you get to ride an elephant, of cause with a Mahout.  As per the name “chang” it means elephant.  The island is a natural habitat for elephant to bread and thrive.  They are used as part of promotion to boost tourism in Koh Chang.


In the north of the island is where village Baan Kwan Chang is. It is about three kilometres off main road is an inland valley where elephant trekking starts. Here you can also take part in bathing the elephant in the river, feed them and return with them to the camp. This is a golden opportunity to have firsthand information on the habits and habitat of this giant species.  While on trekking you get to explore the inner Koh Chang and see the rainforest is full view.


As part of sightseeing, you can visit the Koh Chang – Thai temple that is situated in the sunken war memorial.  The temple is open for public and you will be able to see the culture and believes by visiting it.  There are guides available to enlighten you to answer your questions as well as give an insight into their culture and values. This gives a good opportunity to learn about Thai people in general.


You can spend the evening walking around the city centre shops hunting for souvenirs and other monuments of Koh Chang. There are a number of shops mushrooming around selling various items such as carvings, jewelry, ethnic clothing and handicrafts, bags, T-Shirts; CD's a few on the list.
In addition to this there also a wide range of wines, beer and spirits that can be found at Koh Chang wine gallery in Kai Bae. The original Thai artwork displayed to be sold to the tourist comes from the Commission work at Rungthip studios in Kai Bae. 

published: 08.04.2013