Understanding Koh Chang

Koh Chang's long white sandy beaches, mostly deserted. (photo by: Panviman-Group)

Koh Chang is Thailand's the most visited and second largest island, and the main in eastern Thailand. With around 5,000 permanent residents the island is not a great deal populated, but tourism (and growth) has risen radically from some of the recent years.


Koh Chang known as the most beautiful islands of Island with long white sandy beaches, mostly deserted. The island is also got a broad range of wildlife, containing a better choice of birds, deer, snakes, and some of elephants. The island and its neighborhood are the excellent places for snorkeling, jungle hiking and diving. The "making" of the island as a tourist place since 2000 has induced a large amount of speedy development, and whereas still far smoother than places similar as Phuket or Ko Samui, it's possibly good to visit now than later. Regarding activities and services particularly aimed at the prices for tourists’ have reached that level that the islanders are costing them out from the market when evaluated to any other island.


Most boats like KonTiki run from Laem Ngop, which has three docks. The Laem Ngop pier is almost 700 m west of Laem Ngop. The Centre Point pier is situated almost 3.5 km northwest of Laem Ngop. These docks serve both passengers and vehicle ferries. Every pier on Koh Chang would be the eastern side of the island. The important piers are the two Dan Kao piers, Tha Ferry Dan Kao and Tha Dan Kao, which managed as the traffic. Light meals, beverages and fruits are available at every pier and on the car boats.


There are two operators who offer the services of daily bus from Ko Kood to Koh Chang. One is established in Ban Bao, the other on Kai Bae Beach Rates is as similar but departures times can change, so ensure about the book ahead.

published: 11.04.2013