Shopping in Koh Chang

Fruit shop

It is never easy to just visit Koh Chang and leave without visiting the shopping centers to suit your shopping tastes and also shop within your budget. To start with, along the main roads along the beach, you will come across local markets that offer flowers, vegetable and fruits. You will also stumble upon traditional artisan crafts and also be able to find many exceptional things in the region. Additionally, there are a number of places in Koh Chang that you need to visit and enjoy your shopping spree.


Basically, these are the perfect places where you will come across exceptional local produce, get the opportunity to admire the creativity and handiwork of the artisans and also enjoy the amazing ambience of Koh Chang towns.


Klong Prao Beach is one of the places that you need to visit for your shopping adventure. It is also surrounded by bars, small shops, restaurants, tour agencies, massage shops and tailors among many others. Whether you want beach gear, excellent food and the usual T-shirts, you will find them all in the region.


Kai Bea Beach is the other outstanding place you should visit in Thailand. It is a small beach with a few shops and stalls where you can get all that you need. Whether you need a Koh Chang T-shirt, you can get your favorite here. You will also get high quality local handicrafts and great souvenirs here at affordable prices.

Lonely beach is known for its souvenir center in Bangbao Village that is located on the southern part of the beach. You may get an assortment of beach gears in the region, but their prices are known to be higher than in any other place in the region. Whether you need the usual T-shirts and souvenirs, you will get all in area.

White Sand Beach is indeed the best place to shop mainly because it offers a variety of beach wear, sunglasses and everything that you may be in need of at reasonable prices. You will come across stalls that are under aircon; hence they offer an exceptional shopping experience. Therefore, Koh Chang is a place that will suit your shopping needs as it is not so busy and you can get all that you need.

published: 29.04.2013