Koh Chang and SATTE (South Asia's Leading B2B travel & Tourism Events)

The well-known SATTE exhibition going to work on their 20th edition of South Asia's biggest B2B tourism and travel trade exhibition accomplished huge achievement. The managements of the industry introduce at SATTE 2013 were agreed to all the provided opinions that SATTE has been a better policy for the whole area. The exhibition was introduced by (UTS) Union Tourism Secretary. “Now, the condition is beyond the proportion among inbound and outbound tourism in India is around 1:2, and the space is not differentiating, it is extending. SATTE has turned as a well-known institution; a well founded one in India and some are in its neighboring countries”. The CEO also said, from the recent years, SATTE is taking an integral part in promoting India's tourism and it has developed as a completely global exhibition in this part of the world.

TAT brings in Koh Chang as the second impending beach of Thailand throughout SATTE 2013. The loveliest island, Koh Chang, also known as Elephant Island, will be presented by (TAT) Tat Tourism Association constituted by Ms. Sirasuk Saksoon and Mr. Pornchai Kemapackpong.


Koh Chang is situated in the Province of Trat in the Eastern Coast of Thailand. Almost 85% of Koh Chang, together with 50 other smaller islands, is an important division of the Koh Chang Marine National Park. It is also known as one of the loveliest islands with the biggest white sandy beaches of Thailands, which provides better spots for diving, snorkeling, a romantic holiday or a jungle hiking.


A person can reach Koh Chang from Bangkok by a direct flight in just 45 minutes; it is situated a few hours from Pattaya. Bangkok Airways controls two times every day from Bangkok to Trat Airport from Suvarnabhumi Airport. There are several accommodations, car rental, services of spa, services of water sport equipment and 2 Indian restaurants.

published: 10.02.2013