Visit Various Beautiful Places in Thailand

thai language (photo by Suriya Thonawanik)

thai language (photo by Suriya Thonawanik)

Thailand is a cool place to travel, as the country has a tourist-friendly strategy also as a broad network of hotels and infrastructure that cater to a change range of business and provide satisfactions to the travelers. But, previous to the planning a person’s next trip to Thailand, it’s better to understand every important details regarding the country, like what is the most suited time to visit Thailand, what to bring with you, cultural etiquettes, getting around and every reality that will assist make the journey of a person as pleasant as it can be.


The official language of the people of Thailand is Thai; English is known as the second language taught in schools and used broadly at work. In this current era of Chinese financial boom also as the reality that almost 10% of Thai population is of Chinese descent, Chinese is turning out to be famous and Schools of Chinese language are not that difficult to find. The teenagers/youths are also keen to study Japanese and Korean. A person may possibly even some of them speaking Japanese or Korean on the street. So, Thailand is actually a multi-cultural country. If your first target of visit is Bangkok, you won't have so many problems with the people there; just visit Siam Square, Center Point and Central World. These are the main arcades for shopping, and a person will be instructed of what Bangkok is like and also every kind of fashionable stuff and outfit.


The better time to travel Thailand is between February and November, when the climate is comparatively dry and cools (25-32°C). When Bangkok actually considers unimportant temperature drop, the northeastern and Northern provinces may be rather cold. And if a visitor is planning to take a trip into the areas of mountain, make sure to have a warm jacket or sweater.


December is the cheerful season, like the most areas of West. Most of the colorful festivals, like Trooping of the Colors, Loy Krathong, and New Year’s, fall in this specific period. Important areas of shopping, especially those in Bangkok put to the last of the year spirit by Christmas-theme décors and sporting decorative lights. The one disadvantage for arriving in this period is that famous places are crowded, and rooms of the hotels are in short provided. Costs for tours, accommodation, transportation and other goods are really raised to get the most benefits of the tourist influx.


Traveling between March and May will bring the visitor all through Thailand’s summer, when temperatures is almost 40°C. Coupled with high humidness, it possibly feel more similar a visitor is really in a giant heated oven with no get away route, exclude casual visits to dining and air-conditioned shopping malls establishments. The season of monsoon (June-September) is generally extremely humid and wet. Other than, the better news is that a person may always hide out in a spa, mall or restaurant to get away from the heavy downpours which normally don’t last more than a couple hours. Also, the rain breathes newly life in the country, copious along with the fields of rice and trees. Waterfalls and national parks are really at their best.


When the general level of nutrition and health is better, few tropical diseases are a trouble. The occurrence of AIDS has leveled off because of the awareness of the educational campaigns by the Royal Thai Government. Conversely, Thailand is yet known as the high-risk country, particularly among intravenous and prostitute’s users of drug. Malaria is a trouble in areas of rural border, but in general not in Bangkok, big cities or big tourist places. Dengue fever eruptions happen periodically all over the Thailand.

published: 08.05.2013