Koh Chang Island and Green Tourism

Koh Chang ever green

Koh Chang ever green

Koh chang is already known as the very green place, Koh Chang which is also known as Elephant Island is going to get greener. Even though Koh Chang virtually sparks green already, with around covering 70% of rainforest, the management have not so much time to secure the ecology and beauty of Koh Chang for the upcoming generations.Well alert of how rapidlymad growth may modify a place, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has allowed koh Chang as its main and pilot project to construct it efficiently and as a certified green tourist heaven. In accordance with the increasing niche of savvy, liableEco touristsmay be convinced that their visits will have minimum atmosphericaffect with a realand tiny footprint of carbon.


Koh Chang is a complete origin for tips on how saving some energy, recycle and also reuse the same energy in Thailand. Koh Chang is proudly promoting various eco-programs on Thailand’s island. A person can get needed now& let them know what still needs to modify!


An instance of a green program being enforced on Koh Chang is a system of waste management based on a model that was prepared for Phitsanulok, a medium sized Thai town situated among Chiang Mai and Bangkok. The program has currently been adjusted by an amount of residential areas on the island.


The aim of what is being still marketed as “Go Green on Koh Chang” is to take over the chance of preserving Koh Chang at a comparatively startingphase of its expansion, but, previous to the opportunity of making these changes turns into much harder. Koh Chang is collected as the flagship place of Green Tourism; its achievement in dazzling the way will certainlyinspire other islands, cities and towns to monitor their productive trail and turn into greener in every sense of the word.

published: 14.05.2013