Better Health Opportunities For Non Thai Residents

Health care insurance

Health care insurance

Thai ministry has taken a step to give better health opportunities to tourists and foreigners who visit Thailand. Mr. Pradit Sinthawanarong who is the Thai Health Minister has introduced new forms of health insurance in this matter.


This idea of providing better health care for non Thai’s came into consideration after a meeting taken place between the members of the ‘public health policy’ which is an international committee with an aim of a more prosperous and healthy formation of 2015 of the Economics ASEAN which stands for the Association Of Southeast Asian nations and have high hopes and plans for introducing and creating a well established frame work for health insurance that will take into account all Thai and non Thai residents.


The meeting also discussed the financial aspects of a long term budget plan for supporting this health insurance and to avoid any additional costs that might come up as a surprise.


The Thai health minister exclusively mentioned good health care for three basic groups of non Thai’s. These non Thai’s will be immigrants from neighboring countries who come to Thailand in pursuit of better health care opportunities in Thailand, workers and expatriates which are over looked by social workers and foreign nationals who require Thai visa.


The meeting also gave a detail discussion to the thought of putting their share in the development of a better national health care system in nearby countries like Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar. They will offer help through an international platform like WHO (World Health Organization) and other international organizations. This will motivate citizens to proceed for better health care in their country.


The meeting also discussed the issuance of health cards for non Thai’s. These cards will benefit newly born infants and their benefits will be equal to benefits availed by a Thai baby.

Travel medical insurance will also be provided to visitors. 

published: 24.05.2013