Development of Koh Chang Bringing In More Capital

Development of Koh Chang is really tangible here

Development of Koh Chang is really tangible here

Koh Chang is the 2nd largest island of Thailand with about 52 beautiful islands and some of them are the splendid ones. It is just about 3 and a half hour away and at 310 km from Bangkok. The island is now becoming a tourist hub and a must stop for tourists on their vacations in Thailand. It is also famous for Thailand National Park situated on the island. Most area of island is still deserted and needs developmental programs to be initiated. Development of Koh Chang is really tangible here.


The attractions for tourist in this island are the white sandy beaches, sport parks, natural spa and meditation resort, accommodation & travelling facilities being excellent and the climate of the island. In busy season it is advisable to book hotels or living places before your arrival. The villas, bungalows and hotels are built with Thai style but are modernized too. Since most area is abandoned, development of Koh Chang now holds importance to Thailand’s government.


New Funds also started circulating with the opening of car-ferry service between Koh Chang and the mainland. Plans of casino were also presented before government. Constructions of roads, parks, hotels, restaurants, beach renovations, beach games facilities, speed boating, private beach, full security, internet, access to shops, restaurants and bars is surely a sweet treat for tourists.


Thai government is now more interested in developing the underdeveloped areas to attract more tourists, thus planning to increase economy of the country by increasing tourism. The aim is focused more on construction of modern villas, suiting a dream life style.  Land prices increased fourfold when the plan came public. Some land owners have their property increased up to 50% since their investment in Siam Royal Koh Chang property. Today, Koh Chang is still accessible at cost of other Asian beach destinations but this is going to change in coming years with the development in Koh Chang.

published: 31.05.2013