Staying At Pakarang Resort Offers a Lot Morethan Others

Pakarang Resort, Koh Wai

Pakarang Resort, Koh Wai

Pakarang Resort is situated in Koi Wai Island. In contrast to the other resort on the same island, Ko Wai Paradise, this is a bigger place with more accommodation facilities. The resort offers about 50 bungalows suiting everyone’s pocket. It is a part of the National Park Oceanic Research. The bungalows are mostly of wooden. Newer ones are modernized with concrete building. This resort is advanced and developed with all basic necessities of life including water, electricity, private showers, and fans. Even mosquito nets are also available. The rooms are also installed with air-conditioning system. Each room is attached with bathroom where you will get hot water and cold water.


Depending on the facilities available or the facilities you want to have in your room, the prices vary accordingly.  A small bungalow costs 1000 baht at high season. Aircon Bungalows are also available. Good rooms in low cost ranges 600 bahts.  All rooms charge 300 baht for extra bed.  Standard family bungalow has 2 double bed facility i.e. 4 guests per room. The resort offers 27 private rooms with modern necessities. Even internet service with computers and wireless is also available at each room.


There is a restaurant of this resort where you will get fresh foods all time. Water and electricity is there 24 hours. The Pakarang Restaurant serve good Thai food, both traditional and western food is served. Fresh seafood is also served. Prices are also not so high. If you want to get hot items, you will get anytime because there are many chefs who are all time ready to serve you.  A club sandwich costs 65 baht with chips. There is also a large TV displayed in the restaurant which offers night movies. 

published: 12.07.2013