Promoting and Polishing Young Music Talent

SSR is now proceeding towards developing a new campus on the island of Koh Chang, Thailand for its visitors and students. This new campus will bring more beauty and innovation to the place. The site decided for this campus is beautiful and mesmerizing with coconut trees around the tropical paradise. It will offer a fun learning experience to the existing bases of SSR in UK and other areas. 

The canvas that are vacant at the moment will be carefully developed keeping in mind interaction of different cultures and will merge different values in a way to enhance correlation and avoid any contradiction when east will come across west.

SSR looks forward to boost education inviting schools and students from its locality and attracting talent from everywhere by offering scholarships and financial support.  They would also make efficient use of modern technology and promote environment friendly practices in formation of their new campus. SSR is endeavoring towards benefiting the community as a whole and doing the best possible they can, in putting their share to serve the society.

The South Eastern students of Asia will be welcomed to have a firsthand look on the highly recommended training of SSR. The new campus will also give its student’s exposure to UK and other countries by its foreign external programs where the students will enjoy the opportunity of doing their 3 final courses abroad.

The foreign exchange program will not only benefit the students in terms of education only, rather they would be given exposures to cultural and historical sites of the country they chose to go to along with frequent trips to different events, festivals, gala and other places for rich cultural development of the student.


The cultural exchange and enhancement is one of the core priorities of the SSR Koh Chang scheme. SSR will promote new music talent by providing facilities like recording studios, video suites, and concert halls other facilities for SSR students include computer rooms, shops, student accommodation and spa.


SSR is a promising program that will not only benefit the young music talent but all of the surrounding community as well. 

published: 15.08.2013