Want a miracle in Thailand? Get the, The Miracle Thailand Card!

The Miracle Thailand Card

The Miracle Thailand Card

Are you deciding to spend a short trip or holiday in Thailand? If, yes then you should know about the wonders of The Miracle Thailand Card which is designed exclusively to make life easier and tension free for Thailand tourists.


This is a prepaid card which costs you a total of 100 baht only, add / subtract 2.5 euro can be recharged to your prepaid card up to 30,000 baht or less, which is a total of about 750 Euros. The services of the Miracle Thailand Card can be availed from the “Krung Thai Bank”. You will not be asked to hold a current account to avail the services of this card, to add more to the benefits, this card comes with an incredible 7 days insurance policy called Krungthai Painch Insurance to cover for your medical bills and medical expenses.


Any injury caused within the boundaries of Thailand will be taken care of and you will be provided medical treatment as an outpatient for 10,000 baht. The medical insurance will also cover you for a hospital stay of up to 500,000 baht and a 1 million baht life insurance policy, which is a total of about 25000 Euros.


All the locations of the Krung Thai Bank provide this prepaid card. You can also get this card from the Suvarnabhumi International Airport Bangkok through an ATTA - Association of Thai Travel Agents.

Do you know about the postpaid Italian? Well the Operation Miracle Card is the same with just some additional features. The benefits of this card can be enjoyed without the unnecessary need of owning a bank account in Thailand.

Though this is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy your stay in Thailand, but it is always recommended to go through the rules and terms of agreement before opting for any such policy or benefit cards.

published: 02.09.2013