Explore Koh Chang by the Sea

As Koh Chang is a National Protected Park and Marine Sanctuary that is composed of more than 50 islands, the temptation to visit any of these islands is just tempting. But giving in to the temptation is not far-fetched as Gulf Charters Thailand can make it happen anytime as you pleased. Gulf Charters Thailand has reliable kinds of sea fleet to choose from to cater all types of tourists willing to be sailors even for a few days, or even weeks. Exploring Koh Chang through island hoping by yacht is not solely a rich and famous man’s adventure to think of. It is for everybody who is willing to take the shot. When it comes to budget matters it can be arranged according to one’s financial capability as Gulf Charters Thailand has many options to choose from especially to boat type.


There is nothing more consoling to the soul than experiencing the moment floating and cruising the vastness of the gulf without the distractions of city living such as heavy traffic, smog, busy streets and the fast pace of life and work. One can get much of yachting when there he or she opts to have a captain and skipper. Their expertise and familiarity of the place will give any traveling tourist the confidence and peace of mind while enjoying the sea trip. 


As every folk has different stroke, one can have the freedom to choose for the type of yacht that suits well his or her preference in sea cruising. What is most consoling is every sea craft of Gulf Charters Thailand is equipped with amenities each travelling tourist wishes to have while enjoying the vastness of the sea and its natural panoramic beauty. And if there is something that travelers want and not included in the gallery, they can always ask the coordinator to have it for them to get the best experience of their cruising tour.  Gulf Charters Thailand will be more than willing to give the best for their tourist-clients to make their sea travel or exploration most enjoyable and memorable.  


Yachting is not an exclusive recreational activity for seasoned sailors. With Gulf Charters Thailand, the boat captain will show those first-timers to experience yachting in a professional way. Before the actual yachting, travelers are given short course or lectures and they are furnished with safety gears. While it is normal to feel nervous at first on board but once everything is settled, there is no reason why any traveler will not enjoy the ride as the yacht begins to go up and down as the waves hit its hull. Tourists can have the unprecedented experience of views of the chain of islands that comprised Koh Chang especially its natural sceneries which bring soothing effects to the tired mortal’s bodies and offer an invigorating hideaway which the city simply does not have.


Exploring Koh Chang by the sea is what Gulf Charters Thailand has for tourists both local and international. As it is manned by seasoned and experienced personnel, its sea fleets are well managed and maintained because in terms of creating valuable memories it always starts with secured and reliable equipment and manpower. Yachting, after all gives anybody the freedom to experience the vastness of the sea and the opportunity to get into far-flung islands’ unexploited white beaches that are hidden from the usual thoroughfares that traverse along the coastlines of the mainland Koh Chang. It is undeniably an exciting event for tourists to indulge in as it puts the usual and normal touring experience which is mainly on land into a different level and Gulf Charters Thailand assures that.    

published: 01.11.2013