Even the Nights are Better in Koh Chang

It is quite understandable that for people who are working very hard deserve time to unwind and relax. And one way of making the most of their time while on vacation is to spend long hours during the night. At Koh Chang, tourists can have the experience of nightlife in an unparalleled dimension as the island has plenty of events to showcase to those who want to make the most of their stay even during night time. As for party animals, there are numerous bars to enjoy music and drinks both local and international. Bar hopping is the name of the game for tourists who love to hunt the best place that offers the better deal of what they love most and to spend the night with their friends dancing to the latest beat and music they could sing along with gusto. There are numerous high-end establishments in the island that cater to this kind of choices. For those who want to experience the romantic solitude of Koh Chang with their loved ones while enjoying the windy night, the white sandy beaches are simply irresistible even with just casual sitting facing the vast sea and feeling the cool sea breeze that touches their skin.


As many tourists like to get the best deal of their hard earned money, they can do so as flea or street markets are common in the island during night. Tourists can have the opportunity to pamper their taste buds with delicious street foods prepared and cooked by local residents. What is more consoling is the fact that the prices can be negotiated when customers know how to make some bargains. Tourists can have the variety of food choices and be enticed by Thai cuisine from its simplest to sophisticated or ingenious way of preparing it by street enterprising vendors. Mingling with them is an inexpensive way of learning Thai culture at its rawest form as ordinary people are seemed to be spontaneous in their dwelling with tourists.  


Another activity to indulge to enjoy Koh Chang at night is though strolling by renting motorbikes. Going around to different places of Koh Chang by bikes following the main thoroughfares gives tourists an avenue to explore the island at their own pacing without time pressure and guilt. But precautionary measures should be adopted such as wearing crash helmet and informing authorities or the personnel of the hotel of such activity for security purposes. There are simply much beautiful views to enjoy in Koh Chang which only the night can reveal or offer and are totally distinct when viewed during the day. With the bikes anyone can maneuver or sleek easily to places they desire to visit. Night will be colorful along beaches as the light reflections from entertainment establishments hit the still and calm coastal waters.


When the night is exemplary calm and starry, another thing to do is stargazing. This might be insignificant for some rural folks but never for urban dwellers where the sky or horizon is frequently covered with smog or pollution and there is no way to witness the natural beauty of the skies during the night. Stargazing may be done by simply laying down on the white sandy beaches or if one wants to experience doing it with some a twist and toss, it can be done by renting a motor boat and anchoring it a little farther from ashore. The experience will surely be awesome and worthy of thousand words for memory keeping.


Night at Koh Chang will never be dull and lonely if one dares to uncover or discover beneath the seeming silence and stillness of the surrounding if you happened to be billeted away from the center of the island.




published: 02.12.2013