Koh Chang in the project. "Park and cruise".

Public Relations Society of Hospital Trat further guidance from the meeting are summarized as follows.

To organize public transport on the island. Two rows and vans. To achieve better service and reduce complaints. Given that the fare and let the passengers know. The mark indicates clearly that each vehicle is a minibus rent cars or running the label. Improve service and safety. If passengers do not stop waving to appeal.

Promote visitors parking on the side and across the public transport on the island. The dock provides a convenient, secure parking. Local authorities to take care of your car. To enhance the car running at full speed to drain quickly. Provide traffic information to the police at this point in the accident and the police and sent to the hotel from time to time. Its an offer this week.

Comment on the hotel and traffic news to travelers. The decision set out at Shetland and take tours. To jam the harbor. It also provided a bus or van to travel. By the time Nad?na transmission port. So do not waste your time is up.

For the radio. And communication channels. The publicity campaign on the side of a parked car. And to report traffic news. To the perception of traffic across and up to date.

Association staff and volunteers are fully In order to facilitate traffic during the holiday. The police will coordinate with the police at every point on the island.

In the future there will be traffic on the surface of the shrine to one lane to lane and overtaking the garden.

In this meeting. The province is host to process the conclusions and plan to continue. This plan is expected to be used in the Songkran Festival.

The result of this plan may not be able to solve all possible problems. But the survey. Emphasized, to begin the first step to solve the problem. I better not start anything. Do I have to undermine the reputation of the island during the festival and so on.

published: 15.02.2012 By: www.kohchangnews.com