A volunteer helps restore coral reefs, underwater photography.

The underwater photography, Jonathan Milnes winners like Epson World Shootout 2011 Top 2 Best Wreck of the world | remains submerged under water and the sector competition and other crew volunteered to help the field of underwater photography. To solve the problem of coral damage from natural and human.

Jonathan Milnes underwater photos of the island. Nests and islands around Ko Chang and many more. Is natural in the water. The whale shark, fish, beautiful coral flowers all kinds. And other sea creatures. Currently, more than 80% damage.

This function will work with the landscape, every guitar is a folk Salak local divers. I worked with an experienced team under the sea. That the landscape. The position of the fishing spot in the research. University. And mapping information for the water black coral. They can take to save coral reefs damaged in the present To be compared to see if it is damaged or not as reported.

published: 15.02.2012 By: www.kohchangnews.com