Guidebook: Thailinad 50 Great Green Escapes

Thailinad 50 Great Green Escapes

Thailinad 50 Great Green Escapes


Achange is taking place in Thailand's tourism, and this book is a
testimony of it.

That change, though not yet visible in all parts of the country, is called Green
Tourism. And it is the best gift that the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)
could offer to foreign visitors as it is commemoration its 50th anniversary.


Read the following pages and you will get to know it: From the farming villages
of Isan, Thailand's Northeast, to the pristine beaches of the country's South,
the preservation of the environment, and the willingness to accommodate
visitors interested in interacting more with local communities has become a
significant trend. Homestays are flourishing, national parks are going through
a noted revival, and most of the country's top touristic destinations look today
beyond the traditional crowd of visitors.


Ecotourism excursions are more and more frequently offered. Rafting, kayaking, but also biking or hiking are not anymore an exception. Equipment rental is widely available, as are bicycles.


Thailand's abundant nature and acclaimed biodiversity are reminding us of
their foremost importance. The time for a green turn has hopefully come.
Green Tourism, nevertheless, is facing and will continue to face difficulties
and obstacles.


That is why the TAT, conscious of those, is putting out new
publications to help support this movement, in line with its dedication to fight
global warming.


We want this change to happen. Now aged 50, and more
conscious than ever of its responsibility to the people of Thailand, TAT is
ready to become Thailand's Green gateway.


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published: 04.04.2012 By: Tourism Thailand