Some of the primary attractions on Koh Chang island

Desert beach in Koh Chang Island

Desert beach in Koh Chang Island

Koh Chang has 50 offshore isles and boasts of having the finest indigenous dogs, red gems and sweet Rakam fruits. Also known as the elephant island, it is seen as a primary destination for tourists and this is because it has so much to offer. It is located 300 kilometers to the East of Bangkok and is not far from the Cambodian border. It has unspoiled rainforest that covers 70% of the overall land and what is more, boasts of having 5000 permanent residents. It is serviced by an airport which is 15 minutes away from the ferry terminal an aspect that makes it easily accessible to tourists.


Most travelers are drawn to the island by the pristine beaches and the natural beauty of the island which has made it home to hundreds of wildlife and this includes deer, snakes, native birds and elephants. There are hundreds of activities for tourists to indulge in as well and this includes jungle hiking, diving, snorkeling and camping. You can choose an activity you like and make enquiries to determine on you can enjoy the same better without necessarily pushing your budget out of hand.


Finding accommodation in Koh Chang is also as easy and this is because there are hundreds of hotels to choose from. However, before doing this, it is advisable to look at what each hotel has to offer as well as the features and amenities in order to make an informed decision. Traveling to the island is easier if you work with a trip organizer because they take care of all the details on your behalf. Some of the primary attractions on the island include waterfalls, neighboring islands and beaches. Though this is the case, there are also fishing villages, naval battle sights, snorkeling opportunities and diving. All these aspects make Koh Chang one of the most relaxing and interesting places to visit.

published: 17.04.2012