The Adventure in Koh Chang is What You Need during Vacation

the largest animal in the world, the elephants

the largest animal in the world, the elephants

Are you searching for some real fun and adventure? Well, you better book the first plane flying to Thailand, Koh Chang.


This is not only an island but it is paradise. However for you to discover this you are supposed to walk deeper into the island and you will experience the real meaning of adventure. Are you still undecided? Well, this will enable you to make up your mind.


The Koh Chang tour guide offers their tour guides who are required to pick you up and guide you through the jungle, where you will be marveled to see the largest animal in the world, the elephants. What’s more, you will have the opportunity to watch them perform amazing feats as they show off their skills and strength at their ‘mahouts’ commands.


In addition, you can join the fun as well as enjoy the adventure by riding on an elephant which is an amazing experience. In addition, our tour guides are professionals who are well trained therefore they know the right places to show you around and how to protect you incase of anything.


Once you have booked with our tour guide offices, you are assured of instant reply to avoid any delays. However ,there is a possibility that the confirmation can be canceled ,if the passengers are not enough to meet the requirements, where only a minimum of two passengers are required to make this trip. Therefore it is advisable for one to book earlier so as to meet the laid down requirements. The cost is very affordable not to mention friendly.


Apart from being tuored, we also provide traditional lunch that is well cooked by experts and also provide free transport where we pick you up from your hotel and drop you off with our air-conditioned vehicles. Do not miss out on such an adventure!

published: 24.04.2012