Koh Chang Excursion, Tours and Fun Activities

Koh Chang Excursion

Koh Chang Excursion

Koh Chang is well known for its white sand, unbroken blue skies and turquoise sea. The island offers exciting activities for tourists to indulge in and while this is the case, it is important to be well informed in advance in order to have a memorable time during your stay there. Diving and snorkeling are just some of the activities enjoyed around the island and to the south you find Jungle Walks and Elephant Trekking within the dense rain and jungle forests.


Though there are hundreds of activities to indulge in, it is advisable to book in advance with organized tours in order to cut down on costs. There are several websites that advertise some of these tours and once you find a tour that tickles your fancy, you can make your books online. The following are just some of the events you can indulge in.


ATV Tour

You can drive along the dirt roads of Koh Chang and the forest trails using an all terrain vehicle. This will give you the opportunity to explore, discover and enjoy the local plants and animals you never thought existed.



This is one of the most popular activities in Koh Chang and there are several popular diving sites within the island. You can enjoy daily diving trips and explore the marine treasures. These are varied and include turtles, exquisite coral, sea snakes, turtles, tropical fish, sharks and caves among others.


Elephant Trekking

This is an ideal excursion as it makes it possible for you to enjoy the wild animals within their natural element. While trekking through the jungle you will have numerous stops and during this time, you can simply enjoy watching the elephants feed.


Treetops Adventures

This is one of the best fun activities that give you the opportunity to enjoy the Koh Chang forests. You can leap from one tree to another while balancing yourself on Tarzan swings, giant zip lines and rope bridges.


published: 05.06.2012