Koh Chang Tour Guide to The Transport Options

Koh Chanf ferry

Koh Chanf ferry

People traveling to Koh Chang are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a means of transport. Money can make one decide to travel by boat compared to air travel.


Therefore, for those people who do not mind airplanes, then Bangkok Airways will ensure that they get to Kong Chang. A very different transport arrangement exists in the airport. Instead of taking cabs or any other form transport, the buses at the airport happen to be very convenient to not only time but cost. Time used to hail a cab will be saved. When booking for the flight, one has an option to pay for bus transport, which happens to be cheaper.


Buses are also available for those who do not see the need of flying. The tickets of the buses are available via the internet or purchased at the bus station.

The ferries can be taken from the Laem Ngop pier, the Centre point pier or the Tha Ferry Dan Kao ferry. The ferry chosen depends on where the person is. If the distance to the ferry is vast, then a boat can be taken. Snacks and drinks are served in the ferry for those who are get hungry from all the travelling. There is also an option of taking a taxi and in some cases a limousine.


The cost of these two is very different from taking a bus or even a ferry. As mentioned before, the type of transport chosen may depend on money. Variety of travel options tends to accommodate the needs of everyone willing to go to the Koh Chang island. It is always advisable to book a mode of transport early in advance for convenience.

published: 19.06.2012