Koh-Chang Guide for Independent Travelers

backpackers on Koh Chang beach

backpackers on Koh Chang beach

Koh-Chang as a tourist destination has a lot to offer ranging from half-deserted white beaches to abundant wildlife with an incredible selection of snakes, elephants, birds deer among others. It also offers perfect places for various activities including jungle hiking, snorkeling and diving. Koh-Chang as well as the surrounding beautiful islands can be easily accessed by plane via the Bangkok Airways, by bus to Laem Ngop, by boat from Laem Ngop through Entrepreneur, Tha Dan Kao, Tha Ferry Dan Kao or Themmachat Bay or by road.


When it comes to sight seeing, Koh-Chang has a relatively large package to offer from waterfalls, to museums to nature and wildlife among others. Some of the most popular spots for your sight seeing include Kongol (located close to Bang Bao and it offers 5 majestic waterfalls), War Memorial monument and the Mu Ko hang national Park, Klong Plu(currently the most popular waterfall in the region) and the Thanmayom. Other waterfalls include Klong Nueng, the Khiri Petch, ams Klong Nonsi.


There are also various activities to indulge in. Get into the Koh-Chang cool waters for some diving lessons or diving activities. Talk a walk in the company of a ranger down to Klong Plu from Than Mayom, take jungle trekking with the famous Tan, get to Baan Zen for some Yoga, Chakras or Reiki practices or just for discovery. Learn to prepare the amazing Thai cuisine at the any cooking school around Blue Lagoon. On the other hand, even take a multiple day kayaking expedition to the Koh-Chang southern Islands. Alternatively, gets a one day kayaking expedition to Koh-Chang's west coast.


 For some shopping of get down to Books, Thailand, Koh-Chand sun, Scuba Zone, BOHO, Maxi dress, Sun Dress, Hipie, and Party among others. Get some bites and drinks at Rock Sand Restaurant or Apple or try out some Thai beer at the Rock Sand or Cefe del Sunshine.

published: 15.08.2012