Why you Should Consider Koh Chang Island When Planning for a Vacation

In koh Chang you can find a varierty of different fish

In koh Chang you can find a varierty of different fish

It is a fact that Koh Chang is one of the finest islands not only in Thailand but also in Asia. For this reason, the number of tourists who visit the island has been increasing from time to time. This could be mainly because of its amazing and beautiful sites and adventurous experience. It is surrounded by crystal clear waters and therefore most activities around the beach are water based. Well, this means if you are planning to visit this island, you must prepare to get wet. Some of the water based activities in Koh Chang Island include, diving, swimmimng, boat riding, fishing, and others.

Diving opportunities are provided in all the 52 islands in the Koh Chang marine national Park. There are professional divers that are trained to ensure the safety of tourists while diving. However, all divers are required to dive up to depths of around 25 meters. In addition, they also offered training chances to there guest. There are a variety of marine life species in the island that are rarely found aruond the world. Some of them include the following;

·        Barracuda fish

·        Parrot fish

·        Stingrays

·        Butterfly fish

During boat riding, the tourists are shown around the island where they grab that opportunity and take as many photos as possible of the beautiful island as well as the wonders of nature in its environment. The dramatic waterfalls and rainforest-clad hills in this mountainous island are just what you need as far as experiencing the wonders of nature are concerned. The tour guides are very qualified and ensure the safety of their guests as they guide them across the island. Apart from water based activities, there are other activities that one can enjoy doing like mountain climbing and even mountain biking. This island is all you need when planning where to visit on vacation.

published: 22.08.2012