Koh Chang Travel Guide-An Exciting Holiday Experience

Koh Chang Grand Lagoona

Koh Chang Grand Lagoona

Koh Chang has grown to be one of the best tourist attractions. It is one of the best places where you and your family can go and have a holiday experience of a lifetime. It is in an incredible location with perfect views of the island and white sand beaches. The island is also characterized with a wide range of beautiful beaches including klong prao, hat sai khao, kae bae and hat ta nam. They are great beaches with beautiful white sand. You can always go for a walk in the beach and lazy in the sun just to relax and enjoy breathtaking views.


Additionally, Koh Chang has beautiful villages and are great attractions. They are worth your visit bearing in mind that they bear history about Klong Son. The villages are also beautifully constructed and feature an attractive design. They are built over the sea therefore; they provide a perfect view of an impressive bay. Some of the best villages to visit in the region include bang bao and salak phet villages. The villages are surrounded with a wide range of restaurants where you can enjoy seafood, they provide quality accommodation and there are plenty of things to do to make your holiday more exciting. Koh chang discovery club is also an excellent place to visit so as to learn more about the life of koh chang locals.


Similarly, koh chang offers an exciting holiday experience because there are many things to do for fun and entertainment. Canoeing, diving, snorkeling and other water sport activities are incredible. There are many opportunities to explore because there are special tour packages that have been designed to enable you to have an amazing holiday experience. When diving, you get to interact with aquatic animals, have a perfect view of reefs and visit different islands including hin sam sao and koh man nok. The bottom line is Koh Chang is a perfect holiday destination and it offers the best experience for you and your family.  

published: 08.10.2012