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kohchang waterfalls

kohchang waterfalls

When you go touring Koh Chang, you can be sure to get the most thrilling experience. This is because the island is one of the most beautiful in Thailand. It has a wide array of wildlife species. Many people come from different and distant parts of the wild to see these animals. They include a wide variety of birds, animals such as elephants, deer, and snakes, among others. This island also has very hospitable inhabitants who are always ready to help visitors.


Today, this island has become a tourist destination for many people. Many people on their vacation prefers this destination not only due to its beautiful wildlife, but also services offered by residents and businessmen. Over the recent years, nothing much was known about this island. However, Koh Chang has seen a dramatic growth within a very short time. This can be attributed to the activities of tourists’ service providers.


Majority of the accommodation services in the island are situated on the western part of the island. This place has plenty of beaches. There are also stone cliffs and high mountains where tourist activities are rampant. The highest mountain in Koh Chang is Khao Salak with a height of 744 meters. It is covered with evergreen forest due to its fertile soils. It is the main source of water in the island. The mountain has a lot of waterfalls, splendid reefs and beaches. Although the eastern side of this island does not have sandy beaches, it also has beautiful waterfalls.


The climate of Koh Chang is similar to that of Bangkok. Its best season is comparatively cool. This is usually from November to February.


You can choose to travel to Koh Chang by either plane, bus, limousine, taxi or boat. There are providers of these services in the region. Majority of them are professionals always willing to take their clients to their destinations.


published: 21.04.2012