Koh Chang is one of the beautiful and must visit islands in Thailand

Getting off the ferry in Koh Chang

Getting off the ferry in Koh Chang

Koh Chang is one of the best island to visit in the world. In fact, it is the second largest island in Thailand. Many may think that due to increased popularity and rapidly growing tourism it is one of the densely popularity area in the country, but it has about 5000 permanent residents and it is not heavily populated. Tourism has been increasing on yearly basis and more people are flocking the island. Koh Chang is one of the beautiful and must visit islands in Thailand and it has rich history that you should know before you even step into the city. Local Thais and foreigners from all walks of the world have been visiting the region.


Reaching Koh Chang is very easy as there are improved means of transport that make it easy to access the regions that you may be visiting. You can get in by plane as the Bangkok airways flies visitors and locals on daily basis. Bus transports is the other economical way to visit new destinations. You can also get around by taxi and sophisticated limousine and those who like exploring new means of transport can also reach the island by boat.


At Koh Chang island you will see a lot of attractive things. Indeed, there is a lot to see in the island. For instance, you will be delighted to see the Mu Ko Chang National Park, War memorial monument in the southern part of the island. The Klong Plu is the most popular waterfall that you may also be attracted to. Other waterfalls include Kongoi, Klong Nonsi and Khiri Petch waterfalls among many others. The other absolute must see are the Buddhist temples that reflect the religious background of the region. For entertaining experience, you can also visit the Koh Chang Monkey School. This is a center that features highly trained monkeys performing stunts and tricks before an amazing audience. Indeed, not many islands can offer such attractions.

published: 29.04.2012