The waterfalls with their green surroundings are truely sights to behold.

Waterfall in Koh Chang islnd

Waterfall in Koh Chang islnd

If you are looking for a place you could go on vacation, then allow me to tell you about the Koh Chang Island. Not located far from Bangkok, Koh Chang is a small Island that would have in the past been mistaken for the garden of eden. With its attractive tall rocky mountains and its beholding sight of beautiful waterfalls, this is a vacation spot every one would love to visit.


Ask anyone in Bangkok or even Thailand and they will tell you of the beauty that lies within that small Island. It has a wide range of wildlife which include different species. Its population is small with almost all of the people residing in the western parts of that haven. making it a wonderful place to escape the noisy city life as not all areas of the island have people living there.


Those that love to hike or do some rock climbing in their spare time will find the tall mountains and rocky cliffs a wonderful challenge. The waterfalls with their green surroundings  are truely sights to behold. You can opt for an adventurous day out in the undisturbed rainforest or the beaches with their overwhelming species of marine life which also make deep sea diving a must do while there.


For your nights you can visit one of the many amenities that are offered there. They include bars and restaurants. Or if you prefer to have your daytimes relaxing while enjoying a wonderful massage, then the various massage palours and spas will definitely accomplish that mission for you. Access to the Island has also been made possible and easier for the tourists as there are several ways to get there. They include by bus, plane, taxi/limo or even by boat.


As if its not enough fun, there are elephant rides that are offered. This is definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity.

published: 02.05.2012