In Archipelago, Koh Chang is so far the largest Island there is.

Koh Chang Archipelago

Koh Chang Archipelago

If you are wondering what Archipelago means, well, it means the elephant Island is Koh Chang's headland has mimicked the shape of an elephant although elephants are no strangers to the Island either. Its topography consists pf complex cliffs made of stone and mountains that are high which make it a desired travel destination for those that love a good challenge when it comes to mountain/rock climbing.


With an approximate number of dwellers of about half a million and most of them residing west of the Island, serenity has never had a better definition as you will definitely get to enjoy nature at its best without the hustle and bustle of the city life with its people traffic and noise pollution. Its rocky mountains and access to large water bodies has also enabled Koh Chang to habour several beaches, Waterfalls and magnificent reefs.


So, it goes without saying that if you love to scuba dive, swim, fish or even busk in the white sandy& long beaches then the Koh Chang Island is the most ideal place for you and your family's vacation. And do not worry if you have children, there are more than enough theme parks for them to visit so rest assured every member of your family will have a time of their life here.


As for your trip there, you can either ride your way in Koh Chang with style with a limousine/taxi from the airport, or get sailed in there by boat, you can also take a bus there which will be more of an attraction tour than just a bus ride or easily go by plane which is fast and will give you the spectacular aerial view of the  beautiful Koh Chan Island.

published: 29.06.2012