KOh Chang is a remarkable island with a natural beautiful environment.

Koh chang beach

Koh chang beach

When visiting Thailand, Koh Chang is one of the best islands that you should never miss. It is the second largest island in Thailand and quite unique from the other 52 islands in Trat. Moreover, it is a remarkable island with a natural beautiful environment. Koh Chang therefore allows you to relax and unwind after tight work schedules and in the most luxurious way. One of the features that make Koh Chang a great island to visit is that it is easily accessible by bus, train, taxis.. Therefore, you do not have to worry about getting to the island even after a long hectic trip.


When visiting Koh Chang, there are many places where you can visit for fun. It has some of the best beaches in Thailand including white sand beach, kai bae beach, lonely and Klong prao beach. They are beautiful beaches with remarkable views of the sunset. If you want a quite place where you can enjoy beautiful scenes on your own, lonely beach offers it all. It is a secluded beach and do not have huge crowds.  It also has white powdery sand on its northern end and it enhances its beauty. You can also visit historic and cultural sites to learn more of Thai culture.

When it comes to accommodation, Koh Chang offers the best resorts, huts, magic gardens and hotels where you and your family can stay. For instance Nature beach resort in Koh Chang is a state of the art facility and offers a perfect view of the beachfront. You can relax during you vacation in the resort. Magic garden on the other hand offers great accommodation and has excellent bars that enhance Koh Chang’s nightlife.


During the day, you can go for hiking, snorkeling, kayaking and diving among other water sport activities. Later in the evening, you can have a bite of Thai food in the islands best restaurants

published: 20.08.2012