Koh Chang Tourism: all informations, form hotels to activities

luxurious and sophisticated 5 star hotel in Koh Chang

luxurious and sophisticated 5 star hotel in Koh Chang

It is never easy to travel to new destinations and really enjoy yourself. You may find it daunting and challenging to get started but your need to have a travel guide. One area that is gaining popularity and also enjoying an increased number of visitors each day is Koh Chang. It is one of the largest islands in Thailand with lot of attractions to enjoy each day.  It is the second largest island after Phuket.  One of the main attractions are beaches. There are numerous beaches that you can visit in the region and they include White sand beach, Kai Bae beach, Klong Son Bay, Klong Phrao beach among others. Therefore, you can take your family or companion to one of these beaches and enjoy your vacation.


Besides these beautiful Koh Chang beaches there are main other attractions that you can stumble upon. You will come across beautiful Koh Chang waterfall, the dense forest, mangroves and exceptional dive sites that are not available in many parts of the world. In essence, there are very many things that are waiting for you to explore. Thanks to the advancements and development of infrastructures, you can easily access this island. You can reach this region by bus, plane, by car or boat. Hence, travelling within the island is very convenient. If you are into entertainment, you can also enjoy yourself as there are many clubs and restaurants that offer a great experience when it comes to nightlife.


There are magnificent bungalows to luxurious and sophisticated 5 star hotels that you can visit and seek accommodation before you get started. However, it is always a great idea to book in advance. You can book your hotel through the internet as majority of these hotels offer everything in their website. By making advanced booking, you will also save more money as you enjoy yourself in the island. Finally, if you are ready to see lot of wildlife and many other attractions, you can visit Koh Chang and other highly reputed islands within Thailand

published: 18.04.2012