To join Koh Chang there are many means of transport that you can use

Koh chang ferry

Koh chang ferry

Choosing to travel to Koh Chang on your vacation is one of the best decisions you can make. This is because this island has a lot of beautiful attractions that you will see when you tour it. Over the recent past, many people did not know Koh Chang. Its popularity has grown dramatically within a very short time. Today, many people have made Koh Chang their favorite vacation destination.


There are many means of transport that you can use when touring this beautiful island. You can use airplane. Bangkok Airways offer services in the area. There are two flights in a day to this island. You may also use a bus which can be economical if you want to save your money. Boats offer another means of transport. They serve passengers and vehicles. Once you arrive at Suvarnabhumi or Bangkok airport, you can have a ride on a limousine or taxi. These will take you to a resort or hotel of your choice. Professionals who are always determined to give their clients the best value for their money offer all transport services in the island.

While on this island, you can be sure to see the most amazing attractions. This is because Koh Chang has a wide range of animals and birds. The wildlife in this island include snakes, elephants and deer. It is a place to go if you are a lover of wildlife.


The mountains of the island that are covered with evergreen forest also offer a nice scene to visitors. This is because the mountains have waterfalls and coral reefs that forms a beautiful scene for the eyes. Today, many people visit the island for jungle hiking, diving and snorkeling. Regardless of what you like on your vacation, be sure to get it in Koh Chang.  

published: 10.04.2012