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Koh Chang island

Koh Chang island

Koh Chang is one of the largest Trat islands. It is also the second largest island in Thailand. This island has many tourist attractions that attract tourists from various parts of the world. When touring Koh Chang, it is important to have a good and reliable Koh Chang travel guide. This will enable you know which part of this island to visit to get the most memorable experience.


Among the major attractions in this island are the sandy beaches. These are found on this island's western side. They include the white sand, klong son, Klong Prao, among others. Many tourists come from different parts of the world to enjoy feeling of the sunshine on them as they lie on the beaches.


This island also has beautiful hotels and restaurants. There are also resorts and shops in this beautiful island. Therefore, in case you need to go shopping or have some meals out, you will always have a place to go. Hospitable professionals offer services in these hotels and restaurants. They also have menus that comprise Thailand and international meals. Thus, regardless of your taste you can be assured that you will get it from these hotels.


Koh Chang also has several mountains that are covered by evergreen forests. These offer a beautiful scene to the visitors. In addition, there are several waterfalls in these mountains that many visitors goes there to have a view of. If you are a fun of diving, then this is the island to visit.


There is a good infrastructure that facilitates accessibility of this island. It can be accessed by plane through Trat mainland, boat or car. Traveling to various places in the island is also very convenient.


Once in the island, you do not have to worry about accommodation. This is because the hotels in this island offer quality accommodation ranging from ordinary bungalows to even luxurious hotels.

published: 29.09.2012