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Mu Ko Chang National Park

Mu Ko Chang National Park

If you want to sample the rich cultural heritage that the orient has to offer, and you are clueless as to where you can first pitch tent, why not try Koh Chang. The largest island in Eastern Thailand and the second largest island in the state of Thailand, the island is a gem that can hardly be rivaled by few natural environments in the world. Sample this:    


The name of the Island is an Anglicization of the Thai word elephant. The size of the island is some 429 square kilometers. The island is gazetted as a part of the Ko Chang Marine Park. The topography of the land is laden with complex rock faces as well as the odd mountain here and there. The highest mountain on the island stands at a height of some 744 meters high. The area falls under the moonson climate weather belt , and has an average rainfall of some 4,000mm a year. Many guest houses close during this season of rainfall ( June and October) thus this is probably not the best of times to set out to this place. Seventy per cent of the island could be considered virgin land- rain forest, steep cliffs, waterfalls, and abundance in marine life , you name it. This is the legacy that those who visit this island are basically inundated.      


Several Asian travel agencies can get you to this haven. To access this place by air one need to get a flight on Bangkok airways; one can also access  this island from within Thailand courtesy of a bus service, of by ferry, or even depending on ones proximity to the island by boat. This is a chance of a lifetime to experience the richness in living ; when was the last time you did something for the first time? In your excursion to the orient, start with Koh Chang.

published: 18.11.2012