Koh Chang has a lot of attractions that people come from various parts of the world

Welcome to Koh chang island

Welcome to Koh chang island

Koh Chang is one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. It was given the name Koh Chang due to it shape. This island has a shape of an elephant. The name means an elephant island. There are not indigenous elephants in this island.


Koh Chang has a lot of attractions that people come from various parts of the world just to enjoy seeing. Although you may think being an island it is small and you do not need travel guide, this is not the case. This is because this island has a lot that can be enjoyed by having a travel guide. You need to know where to go and how to get there in order to enjoy all that this island has to offer.


There are various means of traveling to and around Koh Chang. Unlike in the past when this island was not known to many people, today it has become an international tourists destination. Many people visit this island during their vacation from all over the world. In fact, to some people this has become their favorite destination while on vacation.


Perhaps, this can be attribute to what there is to enjoy in Koh Chang. This island has a wide array of wildlife species that people goes there to see. They include different species of birds, animals and snakes. The island also has a number of mountains that have coral reefs. There are also beaches where people go to relax with their loved ones.


The mountains in this island are covered by the evergreen forest. These mountains supply water in the island. They also have beautiful waterfalls that many people enjoy seeing. To enjoy all these scenes and know where to go for your favorite vacation activities, you need a reliable Koh Chang travel guide. 

published: 10.11.2012