The Salak fruit (thai name: Ra Kam): fresh Exotic Thai Fruit

The Salak fruit is sometimes known as snake fruit because of its scaly exterior. The fruit is grown from a variety of palm tree and is native to Indonesia, although it is also found in Thailand and Malaysia. In recent times, the fruit has also been introduced to the Philippines, New Guinea, parts of Australia, Fiji and Ponape Island (Caroline Islands).   Reputedly, the Salak fruit grown in Bali, Indonesia, is the finest variety in the whole of Asia with the skin being thin yet strong, which is easily peeled.
The Salak fruit

The Salak fruit

The Salak is a type of palm that grows approximately two meters high and its fruit grows in bunches in the shade. The fruit has been given the name ‘snake fruit’ because of its scaly skin that mirrors that of a snake. The salak is a small fruit that is similar in size to a fig. The insides of the fruit are similar to a pulp texture with three lobes, which look similar to cloves of garlic and contain three seeds. Usually, the taste of the fruit is acidic and sweet but its texture can be crunchy and apple-like. 

The fruit is remarkably beneficial for certain ailments. When mixed with honey and water and ingested, the Salak fruit is used to alleviate heartburn and indigestion.

The fruit and its scaly exterior look interesting and that is why you will see the Salak fruit used in fruit platters and Thai desserts. Children really like the salak because of the sweet taste. The fruit grows in seasons in many parts of Thailand and can be easily obtain from the local market or large supermarkets when the season is upon us. This tasty fruit is produced throughout southern Asia and should be tried when visiting the region.


How to Make Bean Salak:



How to Make Bean Salak kolak:

  1. Seeds Salak: Mix the sweet potatoes that have been mashed with flour, vanilla, food coloring and salt and stir well. Take one teaspoon of dough, bentul into the dots. Heat the water, boil the beans until cooked and floating salak. Lift. Enter cooked in cold water, drain.
  2. Sauce: Boil water, put sugar, brown sugar, cinnamon, pandan leaf pieces, a solution of starch and salt and stir well. Cook, stirring, boil and stir until cooked. Shortly before his appointment, enter the seed salak and stir well. Lift.
  3. Serving: Pour soup beans salak and its contents into the serving bowl. Add the chopped jelly and coconut milk. Serve warm.

published: 01.05.2012